Huobi Carnival

Huobi Korea Carnival

Huobi Korea Carnival is a cryptocurrency dedicated conference hosted by the leading global digital asset exchange platform Huobi.
The Carnival is a festival gathering blockchain experts and the most innovative project teams seeking for decentralization in one place.

Dots, Colors and
New World

Each dot represents individuals while colors symbolize innovative technology and value. These dots will eventually become one based on consensus. The final masterpiece will implement a decentralized world "free from regulation" and fully incorporating the carnival spirit.

Day 1

Session 1.
Decentralized upgrade: mode revolution

Session 2.
The war of the giants: challenge and approval

Session 3.
The exploration of pilots: application projects

Day 2

Session 4.
An Application Oriented Future Led by Public Chain

Session 5.
Multiform Expansion of the Industry

Session 6.
The Next Step for Capital: Starting and Turning of Digital Currency


Airdrop event will take place at each project booths in Huobi Carnival.
Complete your mission at each project and type the mission code you're given from each booth in order to receive various coins through airdrop.

  conditions for airdrop may differ by project.
Mission code received from project booth may be used only once.
Coins will be given on first-come first-served basis and once all the coins are out, there won't be any more coins to be provided. So please hurry!
Get various types of coins by checking out all different project booths!

* All events in the field require an Huobi UID.
Please check UID after signing up for membership in Obi homepage or app.

* How to check UID
PC : Huobi login -> Click Profile -> Account & Security -> Basic Information -> UID
APP : Huobi App login -> Account -> UID

* For detailed instructions on how to attend the event, take a guided tour at the Huobi Carnival.


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Grand Intercontinental Seoul Parnas

(06164) Grand Intercontinental Seoul Parnas, 5F Grand ballroom, Teheranro 521, Seoul
TEL +82 2-555-5656

Subway Line #2 Samseong Station
1 - minute walk from Exit #5 (Use the elevator from the underground floor in Parnas Mall.)

Samseong Station (Subway Line #2)
9414, 1100, 1700, 2000, 7007, 146, 730, 341, 360,
4428, 4434, 363, 143, 401, 2413, 4419, 3422, 4318,
9407, 9414, 6900, 143, 146, 401, 363, 2413, 3422,
4419, 4318, 4319, 41

Incheon Airport -> Hotel
Departs every 30~40 minutes / Length of Trip 90~120 minutes
Route Number 6703
Bus Stop Terminal 1(F1) - 3 / Terminal 2(B1) - 19
Bus Fares KRW 16,000